Thursday, January 31, 2008

All about me...

Did I do that???? (he's been dressing himself lately)

He loves to ride with daddy...

snuck out the doggy door with a phone and bag of chips...

holding baby Zane....

Playing with Cash...

I've been tagged! I'm sure that yall are so excited to find out wierd little things about me. I could probably come up with pages full, however this only asks for 5-7 and this is what I have off the top of my head. My next blog will include some fun pictures I found from college; it has to do with Amy Lee's last entry. As soon as I get my pictures together, it's on!!! Some of you should be scared, very scared!

(1) Share 5-7 non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself. (2) Tag random people at the end of your post. (3) Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their page.

1. I have several strange OCD habits, but this one is the easiest to explain. When I'm driving in a vehicle and think that my car is centered between two landmarks, (usually highway telephone poles) I click my teeth together. I will count how many seconds it takes to get from one pole to the next and if it's 6 seconds then I will know that I can click between the next set of poles at 3 seconds and that should be close to the middle. I know, they prescribe meds for this kind of stuff.

2. I love the smell of a cow lot. It's not like I would buy "cow lot" scented potpourri for my house, but when I smell it outside, it reminds me of West Texas/Eastern NM. I guess it just reminds me of my childhood.

3. It is virtually impossible for me to turn down a bet. Regardless of how ridiculous the dare or bet may be, I would probably take it. In high school, a guy bet me that I couldn't eat 50 bags of chips in less than a week. I of course said that I could, not realizing that it's almost 8 bags per day. Needless to say, I lost and he ended up with a new pair of boots.

4. I love fried spam. It is probably my very favorite kind of sandwich; fried spam, mustard and cheese on toasted bread. I can only make it when Colt is out of town because he says it stinks up the entire house.

5. I would never stick my hand under a bed. Childish, I know but something about that clown on poltergeist has stuck with me all these years. I'll look under a bed, but only if I'm a good distance a way, however, I would never stick my hand under without looking first.

6. My highschool letterman jacket has the wrong graduating year on the patch. When I was filling out the paperwork to order it, the question said "year?" I thought that meant what year is it right now. Apparently it means what year will you be graduating. That was a touch one to live down.

7. I'm probably the reason that people post "no soliciting" on their doors. When I was little, I would make the DUMBEST things and take them door to door asking neighbors to buy them. I would sell anything and everything, but my favorite were the mini pom-poms. I took a bunch of 4 inch pieces of yarn, tied them all together in the middle and called them pom-poms; they were only 10 cents a piece. I remember that one lady asked me, "what do you do with it?" I said, "I don't really know, but you could still buy it."

Maybe this will clarify why I am the way that I am. No, that will probably never happen. Okay, I tag Jenn, Lisa and Mel. Have fun with this one.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Agnostic??? Please....

Ryder and his BFF...

Ryder and Mim (my mom)

I'll preface this by saying that I've never been known as one who researches and has all the facts straight. I usually speak before I think and don't mind expressing my opinions. If I'm totally off base here, or don't have my definition correct, please let me know. I have no intentions of offending anyone, but this topic happens to be may latest pet peave. Have you noticed how many people claim their religion as agnostic? I was looking on myspace one night and saw so many people with that in their profile. I asked a couple at church about it and they said that it means you neither confirm nor deny that God exists. The more I thought about it, it really irritated me that so many people are so spineless. I guess that I have more respect for an atheist because at least they will take a stand and believe whole heartedly in a position. Sounds like the idea of being agnostic is some mans genius way of saying "I don't want to acknowlege that God exists so that I have no guilt over my lifestyle, however, just in case he does exist I'm not atheist so I won't go to hell." That drives me crazy that people see Gods existance as being so insignificant that they are comfortable with sitting on a fence and not having to make any real decisions. Isn't that society in general these days? No-one wants to offend anyone else or be wrong about anything, so they take the middle ground and continously lean towards the side that makes them most comfortable at the time. Amazing the message that's being sent to the children of the world. As I said earlier, it just seems to be a very cowardly, spineless way to live...grow a set and take a stand. Whether you're right or wrong, at least you stood up for something that you believed in.
Okay, as Forrest Gump would say, "and that's all I have to say about that!" On a lighter note, Ryder had pictures made last week and they turned out really cute. He's really into horses thanks to Colt's side of the family, so we went with the western theme. Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

He loves his tunnel set...

Daddy must be slacking...

I know, it'a hot pink hat but it's still cute!

Playing under the trampoline

As most of you know, I got my real estate license last year and I have enjoyed every minute of it. It allows me to stay home with my children most of the time yet I still have a "career" that I can focus on and I really need that. Ryder goes to Parents day out on Tuesdays and Thursdays, giving me 2 days a week to focus on nothing but real estate. I'm so thankful that Colt's job is very flexible because that allows me to take care of after hours/weekend appointments, showings, open houses or anything else that I need to do. Long story short, I feel that I've gotten my feet wet enough and I really want to focus more on that aspect of my life. One of my new years resolutions was to start putting myself out there and make people aware of what I'm doing. I didn't talk about it a whole lot because I spent the last year learning and preparing myself to take on more responsibility with my business and I feel that I'm ready to take that step. My point in all of this is just to say that if your in the Lubbock area (even if you're not, I can help with that also) and thinking about buying or selling a house, please consider me during that process. I set a goal for myself last year and actually tripled it, so I am confident that I can help with any needs that you (or someone that you know) might have! My broker is Greg Garrett with GMAC Real Estate, only one of the biggest companies in the US. It's a fabulous company and I'm so blessed to be a part of it. I'm still working on my web site, but you can visit and that gives more info. Okay, now that I've totally bored you, here are cute pictures of Ryder. I just felt it was important to get this information out to as many people as possible, otherwise my business won't grow. FYI...I do plan on going full time someday and I WILL be the #1 agent in Lubbock. Move over veteran agents because here I come. (Anyone who knows me, knows that humility has never been my greatest quality :)
One last sister, Larissa is a loan officer so she can help you with any financing. Her link is on my page. Okay, now yall can go cook some spaghetti and I'll go sew something! Have a great week.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Recipe Ideas...

This is random, but I just put Ryder down for a morning nap and was thinking about what to cook for supper. I was thinking that it would be nice to have something different, but I'm out of ideas. Long story short, I've decided to start posting recipes on my page (yall can do the same thing). Good idea huh? If only a few people post one every few weeks, it would still be better than nothing. Maybe it will work, maybe not but the one thing I promise is that you will LOVE this spaghetti stuff. I'm not claiming that it's healthy, but it's wonderful and although it looks semi complicated, it's very easy to make. It also heats up really well for left overs. Enjoy and tell me what you think!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Christmas 2007

Move over Jeff Gordon....

Isn't this illegal in some states???

Special Delivery....

Fun with Daddy...

Ryder loves his dump truck....

I know this blog is out of order, but go figure that I left my camera at home when we went to Colts parents for Christmas. We took all the pictures on his sisters camera and I just got them last night. Anyway, I had to post the pictures of Ryder's Santa gift. I told Colt that it was too much for him at 17 months, but he never listens to me. It must be a man thing because he insisted on buying him this jeep. He assured me that it's not too big and he'll know how to drive it (yeah, right!) I have to admit that it's really cool because it has a built in radio and goes in forward and reverse. He can only play in it on nice days because it's way too big for the inside of the house. Not to mention the fact that he can't even drive it. He prefers to sit in the drivers seat and dance to the radio music or just honk the horn; over and over and over and over and over again. Yeahh, it's TONS of fun! Maybe he will appreciate it when he older; for now feel free to bring your children to my house. They can drive Ryder around in his own car because he's not big enough to drive himself. Moral of the story??? MAMA always knows best :) After saying all this, I will also say that Colt was an extremely proud daddy on Christmas morning and I'm thankful that he was so thrilled to make his son so happy! I've certainly got a good one and I guess I'll keep him for a while longer!

Some of these are just random pictures. Ryder loves to climb in things and pretend he's asleep; this was just a funny picture.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Careful there, Cowboy!

Ryder and Mama

Come and get me!!!!

Ryder and my Granddaddy

Hey Cowboy!!!

It's hard to believe that another year has come and gone. You know you're getting old when you complain about the years passing too quickly. Anyway, looking back it's been a great year for Colt and I. It's included many transitions with both of our careers, but everything has turned out better than I could have dreamed. Ryder is almost 1 1/2 years old and that's really hard to believe. He is certainly our pride and joy and we can't remember what life was like before him. Probably our biggest surprise of the year was finding out about "baby sister". She is commonly referred to as baby sister, because we still can settle on a name. We better figure it out quickly because I'm ready to start working in her nursery and having things embroidered. Maybe yall should help name our baby. Lisa's been trying for a while, her suggestion was Karter. I think it's cute, but Colt doesn't like it....go figure. I'm making a rule that anyone who reads this entry has to respond and include a girl name suggestion.

Anyway, I hope everyone has had a great year and is looking forward to an even better 2008. Here are a few more pictures. One of the Sants's (my parents) got Ryder a rocking horse for Christmas. He absolutely loves it and rides it so fast that it keeps tipping over on him. You think that he would learn....oh well, he's used to the bruises. Have a great week!