Thursday, June 14, 2007

What a kid...

My little fish...

My future daughter in law...

Just in case anyone is wondering, these are things that I can't stand:
1. Suddenlink...would you believe that my cable was out AGAIN yesterday? I missed the road rules/real world challange and that really bothered me.
2. Speaking of Real World, Brooke!!!! I was so ready for that series to be over, just so that I didn't have to hear her whiny voice.
3. People that smack/pop gum
4. People that smack chips or any food for that matter
5. People that drive slow in the fast lane and block you in so that you can't pass them.
6. asparagus, hominy, corn tortillas
7. People that wear socks or panty hose with open toe sandals
8. being called, sweetie, honey, sugar or any other pet name by other women
9. Hillary Clinton
10. red lights
11. when I see a teenage boy walking with his "baby's mama" in a headlock. I guess he really just has his arm around her, but holding her that close looks uncomfortable.
12. being referred to as "miss"'s a teacher thing.
13. chipped finger/toenail polish; it's all or nothing ladies!
14. when people let their children act like hethans in public; bust that kids a%%.
15. white bread
16. when "larger" women let their stomach hang from the bottom of their shirt
17. taco bell on 82/Univeristy; they get my order wrong EVERY time
18. when people feel the necessity to hug you every time they see you; just because you haven't seen me in 24 hours doesn't mean that it warrants another hug, unless it's family and that doesn't really count
19. computer pop up adds
20. Vampires, sharks, needles
21. Tom Cruise, Sandra Burndhart, Terrell Owens, Kanye West

Well, I guess that about covers it for now; I'm sure I'll come up with more later. On a lighter note, here are more pics of my precious baby boy who is 11 months today...hard to believe. Have a good one!


Lisa said...

I SOOOOOOOOOOOOO needed to read your post today! I am still smiling as I type! I would only add snakes to the list. GREAT pics of sweet Ryder. I have not seen him in a while! I need a fix. Have a great weekend!

Larissa said...

Well it's a good thing I'm not a hugger. I don't even hug my family every day. Well my kids, but not the rest of you people.

Jill said...

I agree with your list, but I REALLY agree with 3 & 4. Sometimes it's hard to enjoy a movie when you've got a smacker behind you!

Hope your husband had a good father's day~

Amanda said...

Bad Day?!?!?! Sometimes you just need to get that off of your chest huh! We definately are related because I agree with you on a lot of that stuff!! It's good to see more pics of Ryder too, he is the cutest kid I have ever seen!! Have a great week!

suzanne said...

Amanda, since you've almost got 3 kids, it's time for you to have a blog!!!! I want to see pictures!

realitymomma said...

he is so sweet. i can't look at his pics without thinking what a little toot! but he is the cutest thing. i can just see you in him. so worth all you have been through! i hope to meet this great sweet cute child someday. but keep him away - taytum's too young to date.....

Sara said...

I guess I won't hug you EVER again now that I know that bugs you!!!