Sunday, July 29, 2007

My future QB...

This has been a crazy few weeks, but we are officially done with swimming lessons. 3 weeks of driving to Post everyday for a 30 minute lesson is kind of crazy, but my aunt teaches them and taught me and all my cousins in the same pool. Therefore I didn't have much of a choice. Ryder loved it; he's turned into a real fish. It's amazing how much he progressed over the 3 weeks. He can swim underwater, jump from the side (with help because he can't even walk yet) and go off the diving board. She would catch him in the water and help him swim to the side ladder. It was so cute to watch him reach out and kick his legs. He looked more like a frog than a person, but it was still cute.

I took him for his first haircut last week. I've never fixed a boys hair, so it's still a work in progress. I'm going for the spiky look on top, but sometimes it looks more like he put his finger in a socket; I'll keep working on that one. We had his pictures made too, and they turned out so cute. I haven't made pictures with him since he was born. I vowed to lose all my baby weight first and am close enough at this point...too bad it took an entire year, but 70 pounds isn't easy to lose. Colt took pictures with him when he was born, but I still looked like a beached whale; I'm not so camera shy today. Anyway, the photographer had a Cowboys helmet and I couldn't pass it up. I knew Colt would shoot me, but he wasn't there so theres nothing he could do. I did ask for something Broncos, but he didn't have anything. I told Colt that's because they suck and nobody likes them. He didn't think that was very funny.

It's been a busy weekend. Colt took Ryder to his parents for a few days. I'm sure they were happy to see him and I know everyone had a good time. I'm glad to have them back. Guess I better go fold some towels or mop the floor...something domestic like that. Have a great week.


realitymomma said...

whatever, sue! i cannot imagine you even possible coming near a beached whale. you probably looked like a bloated carrot! i think you are doing good on ryder's hair. you should have to do girls' hair that is growing out in five directions - bangs or no bangs, and enough natural curl to look like i haven't brushed my kids' hair in several days. everyone fusses when i make a big deal about doing their hair all the time, but if i let is go, then they say, "do something with their hair, they look pathetic" at least we try, right. you are as beautiful as ever, so get on the other side of the cam...and if you think you are big, i will personally send you photos of me. and to think i thought i was fat in college AAAAHHHHH!

Jill said...

those pictures are so cute! and, you look great. i gained 50 lbs. with scarlett and am SO proud that i've only gained 44 this time...ha ha! :)

Larissa said...

I love the pics, they are so cute!!!

Lisa said...

The pictures are GREAT! He looks so much more boyish than babyish! I am back now so lets go do that lunch!!

You look pretty too ;)

Lisa said...


No pics together with Elise??

Dude.....what is this world coming to??!!!