Monday, May 7, 2007

Cowboy Up....

It's been a while...I know and I'm sorry. We've had a lot going on over the past several weeks and walking upstairs to the computer takes a lot of energy. That's probably why I'm still carrying 10pds of baby weight :) Ryder is officially crawling, pulling up and standing on anything and everything. He hates being confined to the walker, so I get to constantly chase him around. He is really starting to show his stubborn, aggressive side (not sure who he gets that from). If he doesn't get his way, stand back because he will scream mercilessly. With all the sounds that come from our house, I'm surprised that the neighbors haven't turned us into CPS yet!
He got to ride a horse for the first time this weekend. Colt roped with his sister and parents and Ryder got to "saddle up". He absolutely loved riding through the arena with his daddy. Apparently he's pretty fearless, because he never even attempted to hold on. We're considering lowering the deductible on our health insurance because I have a feeling that we'll be using it a lot over the next 18 years. Anyway, these are the latest pictures. Have a good one!