Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ryder loves his bubble baths...

What a little stud....

Daddy and a book before bedtime...

Giddy up....

The infamous cherry pie...

Well these aren't quite the "Thanksgiving" pictures I talked about last time. I only got one and he's not even looking at the camera, oh well. Life here is kind of crazy right now. I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping and have had so much fun getting it all done this year. The girls came over for breakfast this morning and that's always fun. We ate a lot of food and exchanged christmas gifts. I love the fact that almost everyones schedule works so that we can do stuff like that!
All is well in baby land. I've tried not to buy any baby clothes until after Christmas, but I broke down and bought a pair of shoes the other day. They are silver, glitter ballet flats with a velvet bow. Prissy??? oh yes! Our latest battle has been coming up with a name. Colt lOVES the name Kallie. I like it, but we already have a friend named Callie and that's kind of wierd. I really like Allie and that's a great compromise; just drop the K. It's no suprise that he doesn't agree. I think it would be neat to name her Allie Suzanne Scott. The only problem is that her initials would be "ASS", and that's not a nice thing to do to your kid. There is only one name that (so far) we both like, even though it's not a favorite. What do you think about Harlee? She would be Harlee Ann Scott. Some people will probably hate that for a girl. It's also strange that our sons name is Ryder. Ryder and Harlee???? Does anyone else thinks that's wierd?
One story and I'll quit babbling. The other day, Colt was supposed to be watching Ryder while I was getting dressed. Things were too quiet in the front part of the house, so I went to make sure everything was okay. Knowing what an attentive husband I have, I walked in the kitchen to find Ryder eating a cherry pie that was on the very back of the stove top. He had opened the stove to climb onto the door, so that he could reach the pie. I knew I should have spanked him for touching the oven, but I was proud of him for being resourceful. If you want something, figure out a way to get it...that's my boy. Also, I didn't think it was fair to take his picture and then spank him, so I just let it go.
Yall have a great week!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Pink is in our future...

I will post again later with our Thanksgiving pictures, but just wanted to make our big announcement. We found out yesterday that we're having a girl. I'm still in a bit of shock over that, but that's okay. We're very excited! Have a wonderful thanksgiving; I know that we will!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Mama's Little Stinker

Colt wasn't very happy with my choice in Halloween costumes. I kept telling him, "you have to have vision; I promise he will be so cute." I don't think he was worried about the cute factor; he was thinking of a costume that was more manly and masculine. In fact, his exact words were, "are you trying to make our son gay?" I still think he looked adorable and so did everyone else. For those of you who are very detail oriented, I am fully aware that the sleeves are navy. The tag said black when I bought the shirt and it looked really dark...oh well.
We went to Ft. Sumner for the weekend and took Kyle with us. These are pictures of the boys riding on the horses. I didn't realize that Kyle had never been on a horse; he really enjoyed it. I threw in the picture of Colt and Kyle because I thought it was so cute. Colt is really good with him and in this picture, Kyle insisted that they hold hands...precious!
Not too much to write about. I went to the doctor last week and feel much better. A lot of my pregnancy issues have gone away (for now) and I'll enjoy this time while I have it.
By the was ONLY 48 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!!!!! I shopped all morning and it was so fun. This also means that I get to put up my tree in 16 days. Colt is SSOOOOO excited about that (not really). Later Gators!

Monday, October 29, 2007

I want everyone to know how blessed and thankful I am to be pregnant and for it to be a healthy pregnancy for me and the baby (as far as we know anyway). However, I have decided that I HATE being pregnant. I'm 13 weeks now and still don't feel good, I'm getting fatter and grouchier everyday. I have always wanted 3 kids, but I told Colt that "we're done", unless he wants to adopt. I'm not doing this anymore because honestly, it just sucks. I know that's not a very nice attitude to have, but it's where I'm at right now. Okay, I feel better for getting that out. On to other things.....These are just a couple random pictures of Ryder. The 3rd one is funny because that's our doggy door, and he is always trying to escape to the backyard. I never realized how dirty the door and wall are until I looked at this picture. Just ignore that part. I'll try to get it cleaned this week (we all know that's probably not going to happen). Anyway, I've been tagged. I feel like I've done this before, but can't remember. Oh well, you get to hear about it again.

1. Favorite TV show: FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS


3. Fav color: RED


5. Fav ice cream: JAMOCHA ALMOND FUDGE


7. broken bones: ODDLY ENOUGH, NO.



10. what i'm most proud of: my happy, successful marriage, being a mom, my family, my 1st year as head coach we won the national cheerleading championship,

12. fav store: Baby's R Us

13. fav dog: I shoud say Jack Russell's but after owning two, I'll say a boxer

Tag, now you're it....Darla, Reese, Chelle

Monday, October 8, 2007

Another bun in the oven.....

It's been forever, I know and I'm sorry. Things have been pretty busy around here. In case you don't already know, Ryder is going to be a big brother in May. I'm 10 weeks and would like to think that I'm passed most of the bad part, for now anyway. I feel really good and have only gained 4 pounds. I know that sounds like a lot, but I had already gained 13 pounds at 10 weeks with Ryder. We're doing things differently this time. Eventually, we'll find out what it is, but I'm pretty sure it's another boy. I can't imagine my life with a girl, and I want Ryder to have a brother to wrestle and play with.
Here are some pictures from the last few months. Ryder got his first black eye in August and it turned into his entire cheek. This picture does it NO justice...I was such a proud mom! Would have been prouder if I could say it was from playing football or something like that, but he tripped and fell into the fireplace...that's okay; he only cried for a minute! I hope everyone is doing going and I'll try to post again before 2008. Just kidding, I promise.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Don't Delete Me!!!!

Sorry, sorry,'s been 2 months and I usually do better than that. I'm not on my usual computer, so I don't have pictures to post right now. I have a ton of pictures that I want everyone to see and I have a lot of "news" to share with a lot of people. I PROMISE that I will blog this week and get everyone updated. Thanks for your patience!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

July 29th post

For some reason my most recent post won't come up unless you click into July. The title is "my future QB" and you can get to it if you hit July posts on the right side of the page. Sorry....

My future QB...

This has been a crazy few weeks, but we are officially done with swimming lessons. 3 weeks of driving to Post everyday for a 30 minute lesson is kind of crazy, but my aunt teaches them and taught me and all my cousins in the same pool. Therefore I didn't have much of a choice. Ryder loved it; he's turned into a real fish. It's amazing how much he progressed over the 3 weeks. He can swim underwater, jump from the side (with help because he can't even walk yet) and go off the diving board. She would catch him in the water and help him swim to the side ladder. It was so cute to watch him reach out and kick his legs. He looked more like a frog than a person, but it was still cute.

I took him for his first haircut last week. I've never fixed a boys hair, so it's still a work in progress. I'm going for the spiky look on top, but sometimes it looks more like he put his finger in a socket; I'll keep working on that one. We had his pictures made too, and they turned out so cute. I haven't made pictures with him since he was born. I vowed to lose all my baby weight first and am close enough at this point...too bad it took an entire year, but 70 pounds isn't easy to lose. Colt took pictures with him when he was born, but I still looked like a beached whale; I'm not so camera shy today. Anyway, the photographer had a Cowboys helmet and I couldn't pass it up. I knew Colt would shoot me, but he wasn't there so theres nothing he could do. I did ask for something Broncos, but he didn't have anything. I told Colt that's because they suck and nobody likes them. He didn't think that was very funny.

It's been a busy weekend. Colt took Ryder to his parents for a few days. I'm sure they were happy to see him and I know everyone had a good time. I'm glad to have them back. Guess I better go fold some towels or mop the floor...something domestic like that. Have a great week.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Ryder

I just realized that I was tagged a few weeks ago, so I'll play along.

1. What were you doing 10 years ago?

I was in college, living with Shasta. Those were some crazy days, and I won't go into any great detail. I was also pledge master and VP of CD's and preparing for my week of torture. Sara still brings that up from time to time.

2. What were you doing one year ago?

One year ago today, I was laying in a hospital bed waiting for the nurses to bring me my baby. He was born around 5:00 and I didn't get him back until 11:00 that night.

3. 5 snack you enjoy.

anything chocolate
flaming hot cheetos
wheat thins and spray cheese
ice cream
as you can see, I'm a very healthy eater.

4. 5 songs you know all the words to.

Anything from the old Church of Christ hymnal...especially 728b (i stole this from Larissa, but it totally cracked me up)
Ice Ice Baby
Baby's got back
any song from the Kenny Rogers greatest hits
anything from Garth Brooks, No Fences
anything from the George Strait box collection

5. 5 things you would do if you were a millionaire.

give to church
pay off all mine and my families debt
give to cystic fibrosis foundation
take all family and friends on a shopping spree in NYC at christmas time
Flip houses, make more money and invest it for the future

6. 5 bad habits
popping my knuckles
losing my temper over stupid things
spending money unwisely
being lazy

7. 5 things you like doing
playing with Ryder and Colt
laying on the couch with Colt
watching TV
dream about the future
drink morning coffee on my patio

8. 5 things you would never wear again
bangs that touch the top of my car
friendship bracelets
stirrup pants
pants that go up to my belly button
baby doll dresses

9. 5 favorite toys
cell phone
TV remote :)
Okay, so I tag Jennifer and Sara

Today was a big day, it was Ryder's 1st birthday. My inlaws came to my parents house and we had a big shindig. It was a lot of fun watching the kids swim and play together. It's so hard to believe that my baby is 1, but it's true. He has changed our life in countless ways and I can't wait to see the kind of man that he becomes. What a blessing he has been to us.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

What a kid...

My little fish...

My future daughter in law...

Just in case anyone is wondering, these are things that I can't stand:
1. Suddenlink...would you believe that my cable was out AGAIN yesterday? I missed the road rules/real world challange and that really bothered me.
2. Speaking of Real World, Brooke!!!! I was so ready for that series to be over, just so that I didn't have to hear her whiny voice.
3. People that smack/pop gum
4. People that smack chips or any food for that matter
5. People that drive slow in the fast lane and block you in so that you can't pass them.
6. asparagus, hominy, corn tortillas
7. People that wear socks or panty hose with open toe sandals
8. being called, sweetie, honey, sugar or any other pet name by other women
9. Hillary Clinton
10. red lights
11. when I see a teenage boy walking with his "baby's mama" in a headlock. I guess he really just has his arm around her, but holding her that close looks uncomfortable.
12. being referred to as "miss"'s a teacher thing.
13. chipped finger/toenail polish; it's all or nothing ladies!
14. when people let their children act like hethans in public; bust that kids a%%.
15. white bread
16. when "larger" women let their stomach hang from the bottom of their shirt
17. taco bell on 82/Univeristy; they get my order wrong EVERY time
18. when people feel the necessity to hug you every time they see you; just because you haven't seen me in 24 hours doesn't mean that it warrants another hug, unless it's family and that doesn't really count
19. computer pop up adds
20. Vampires, sharks, needles
21. Tom Cruise, Sandra Burndhart, Terrell Owens, Kanye West

Well, I guess that about covers it for now; I'm sure I'll come up with more later. On a lighter note, here are more pics of my precious baby boy who is 11 months today...hard to believe. Have a good one!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Baby Mason if finally here....

Going fishing...

Mama and Ryder...

Mama's 4 boys...

The cousins...
Larissa and baby Mason...

First off, I have to gripe about the cable company. I don't care what their new commercial says, Suddenlink is not the same as Cox. Everything was great with Cox and we never had issues. With Suddenlink, it's always something. I've been without cable and internet all day long and they said it was due to the storm last night. That would make sense if the cable went out last night, but it was working fine this morning. Why does is suddenly go out when there's not a cloud in the sky and they try to blame it on the storms???? I'm no rocket scientist, but that just doesn't work for me. We can send satellites into orbit and men to the moon, but the cable company can't keep my channels on long enough to watch The Price is Right...I don't know. On another note...
As most of you know, Larissa had her baby 2 weeks ago. He spent a week and 1/2 in NICU, but is home now and doing great. He is the smallest thing that I've ever seen and the spitting image of Kyle. We're just glad that he healthy and he's finally here. There's not a lot to report right now. I've been staying fairly busy working on my real estate business. I got my first listing last week and will hopefully have a contract on another listing this week...yeahh!!! So far, I'm really enjoying it and glad that I have chosen this route. These are a few of the most recent pictures, some of Ryder and some of Mason. I don't have time to write much more, because my favorite show is on and I try not to miss it. Yes, I'm referring to Judge Judy. She's her. Gotta go; have a great week!

Monday, May 7, 2007

Cowboy Up....

It's been a while...I know and I'm sorry. We've had a lot going on over the past several weeks and walking upstairs to the computer takes a lot of energy. That's probably why I'm still carrying 10pds of baby weight :) Ryder is officially crawling, pulling up and standing on anything and everything. He hates being confined to the walker, so I get to constantly chase him around. He is really starting to show his stubborn, aggressive side (not sure who he gets that from). If he doesn't get his way, stand back because he will scream mercilessly. With all the sounds that come from our house, I'm surprised that the neighbors haven't turned us into CPS yet!
He got to ride a horse for the first time this weekend. Colt roped with his sister and parents and Ryder got to "saddle up". He absolutely loved riding through the arena with his daddy. Apparently he's pretty fearless, because he never even attempted to hold on. We're considering lowering the deductible on our health insurance because I have a feeling that we'll be using it a lot over the next 18 years. Anyway, these are the latest pictures. Have a good one!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Here comes Peter Cottontail....

Am I cute, or what????

What's in this thing?

Come to daddy!!

I'll have my people call your people!

Showbiz is a tough job, but somebody's got to do it!

I love these pictures. I may be somewhat biased, but I think he's about the cutest little boy that I've ever seen. I'm not sure if he was more impressed with the contents of his Easter basket, or with the grass itself, but he had fun unloading everything. I can't believe that he's almost 9 months old (this Saturday), which is also his daddy's birthday. I'm not really sure how were going to celebrate that, but I better come up with something and quick!!!

Easter Sunday was a fun day. Everybody met at my parents house after church and ate lunch. After that, Madi and Kyle hunted for Easter eggs in the Antartic like weather. I love Easter because Larissa, Jenny Beth (aka Jailbird) and myself still hunt our own eggs. Usually it's a contest to see which one can collect the most, but this year we had the coveted "golden egg". Everyone pitched in money and we got to find the egg. AS USUAL, I found it. I wish my sisters would get it through their heads, that I ALWAYS win at Easter time (not that it's a competition, or anything). Anyway, better luck next year girls...but don't waste your time, because I'll find it next year, too!

Have a great week!!!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Another day, Another diaper....

There's not a whole lot of excitement right now. Tuesday night, we celebrated Madi's 5th birthday. If you haven't been to Chuckie Cheese, I highly recommend it; the pizza is fabulous (hint of sarcasm). The kids had a good time; it's just hard to believe that she is 5. Last night, we had cake with Sara and few other people. I won't disclose her age, but will tell you that next year is the big milestone birthday :) It's always fun getting together with our friends.

I mentioned in an earlier entry, that I passed my real estate test and am very proud to say that we've decided to go with Greg Garrett Realtors. It will be a part time career (for now), but I'm really excited about the potential that it can bring.

Ryder is changing every day. He will finally do patty-cake with us. We're still working on waving and saying "mama". So far, he only says "da-da". He loves to eat, loves to sleep, but his favorite thing to do is play with his big brothers. They always seem to make him so happy. He's not crawling yet, but trying. He is more concerned with walking and pulling up on the coffee table. That's working out except for the huge, red lump on his forehead...not quite sure when that happened. Other than that, there's not a whole lot going on. Here are the latest pictures. I will put up more next week in his Easter suit!